Pre-Employment Assessments

Recruiting was changed forever by the invention of job boards, but it was a mixed blessing. Along with almost limitless applicant reach, came seemingly endless applicant screenings. For recruiters, it was like drinking water from a fire hose. In addition, it has not reduced costs due to the extra workload involved in sorting through so many applicants. The downturn in the economy has only made this problem worse with 5-10 times the number of employees now applying for each open position. Finally, VoicePrism™ has created an automated, low-effort, fully customizable assessment and screening solution that addresses this vexing problem. It helps you leverage technology to narrow the enormous pool of applicants to the few highest-quality candidates for each position, saving valuable time, money and resources.

How can organizations learn the exact level of proficiency of applicants' skill levels or the depth, breadth and nature of their relevant work experience? Review resumes or check references? Those steps are necessary, but far from sufficient if you want to gain the information required to select the best talent. Research shows over 50% of resumes contain material errors or omissions. When was the last time an applicant provided a reference that wasn't positive?

Our Pre-Employment Assessment solutions are the only ones on the market that measure the emotion and emotional intensity in the voice of applicants. Simply put, the more an applicant overstates their skill-level or work experience, the more emotion they feel when they respond to the assessment questions. Our technology consistently and objectively measures these changes in emotion and emotional intensity and provides powerful, simple-to-use reports to help you make better decisions. Importantly, our technology calibrates on voice changes within each individual so it does not matter if some applicants tend to be more nervous or excited than others.

Since our assessment topics and question sets are customizable, you can create the exact assessments that fit your organizations needs. Some examples include: skills and skill proficiency; work experience; background history; drug usage; culture fit; values; theft from prior employers; and any other areas that impact performance and turnover. All of these features and benefits translate into lower cost of hiring and turnover by finding better applicants with less time and effort.


Customizable Questions Test for the difficult to assess, but critically important areas of skills, experience, values and culture fit. Identify potential problems associated with drug usage and bad background histories.
Instant Results Even in this economy, there is extreme competition for great talent. The best people can turn an organization into a global leader - or the lack of them can ruin even the perfect strategy. You will have valuable information in your hands immediately following the applicants' completion of the assessment.
Self-Administered by the Applicants Screen at the early stages of the process and avoid wasting your managers' valuable time or your own interviewing unqualified applicants. Perfect for high-volume hiring.
Non-Profiling Assessments have no basis in racial orientation, age, weight, sexual orientation, nationality, religion, or anything other than the applicant's voice. No one is disadvantaged compared to those in any other group.
Automated Assessments Administer assessments onsite in a controlled computer-based environment or have the convenience of applicants calling in to an automated voice-based telephone system. Consistency of results is exactly the same in either format.
Patented Voice Technology Objectively measure emotions associated with responses to assessment topics and questions which provide more accurate and valuable information than ever before.
Scalability Administer as many simultaneous assessments 24/7 around the world as you would like. Our solutions can grow quickly and easily along with your organization.
Global Design Assessments work with any language which allows your applicants from around the world to speak in the language they are most comfortable with.