Listen Beyond What Is Being Said

Imagine having insights into what a person is really thinking and feeling as they make statements - instantly and non-invasively.

VoicePrism™ Technology

A prism separates the waveform of ordinary sunlight into all of the colors of the rainbow. Similarly, VoicePrism™ technology is the first prism that can separate an individual's voice into various cognitive and emotional components. It uses over 10,000 algorithms to identify measure and analyze patterns imbedded in the actual waveform of human speech. Captured live or extracted from recorded audio or video, VoicePrism™ technology gleans insights into a person's emotional and cognitive states using the voice as a medium.

The way it works is illustrated by the groundbreaking research of Paul Ekman, considered the world's expert in human emotion. He discovered that all human beings display involuntary "microexpressions" that communicate their true emotions. They flash across our faces in milliseconds and occur in all humans regardless of race or culture. It is also the cause of the "bad feeling" we get when we meet certain people.

The microexpressions, popularized by Malcolm Gladwell's best-selling book Blink, are one example of the "leakage" that occurs in all human beings regardless of how hard we try to control our emotions. VoicePrism™ analyzes the "leakage" that occurs in the frequency of our voices similar to the "microexpressions" on our faces. That is why world-class poker players study their opponents for visual tells. Ironically enough, Ekman's research also shows that it is even more difficult to control emotions in the voice.

Our technology is currently being utilized to create competitive advantages and high returns for many companies in many industries around the world. These include but are not limited to:

  • Enrich consumer / market insights
  • Improve employee selection and retention
  • Enhance call center performance
  • Reduce insurance fraud
  • Increase returns and reduce risk of top Wall Street hedge funds
  • Enhance security in airports
  • Provide innovative wireless services
  • Many others

These commercial successes, along with research by Ekman, MIT and others have even captured the interest of Bill Gates.

View the Whole Picture
Research by Dr. Albert Mehrabian, Professor Emeritus of Psychology at UCLA, delves deeply into human vocal communication:

  • 7% of our message is communicated through the words we use
  • 38% through vocal tone
  • 55% through facial expressions and body language.

For phone conversations, the percentages are 8% through the words we use, and jumps to 92% through vocal tone.

Don't make decisions based on less than 10% of the picture. VoicePrism™ taps into the richness and reliability only obtainable through the 90% of non-literal communication.

VoicePrism uses proprietary technology and services to reveal the real meaning behind the messages your company receives from employees, customers, and vendors every day.

The cognitive and emotional information accessed by VoicePrism™ has limitless value for a variety of industries. Below is a partial list of information VoicePrism™ can provide, and suggested applications:


Emotional Insight

Excitement Know exactly what causes excitement in your customers, and harness that for future marketing and product development.
Stress Dramatically improve customer experience and satisfaction by monitoring stress levels on both sides of your call center, so you can know precisely when to implement stress-reducing activities before the damage is done.
Discomfort / Hesitation Weed out candidates who experience discomfort or hesitation regarding skills and activities central to performing well in the role, thereby increasing performance and reducing turnover of your new employees.
Happiness Assess the presence and intensity levels of this complex emotion to understand what truly touches the heart and minds of your customers in order to design products and marketing campaigns that maximize this emotion.
Anger / Sadness / Disappointment Avoid losing customers - and their word-of-mouth network -- over an avoidable interaction by preventing negative experiences through real-time interventions.
Arousal / Stimulation Optimize the effect of your marketing dollars by knowing exactly what words, sounds, images and other forms of communication stimulate your customers and cause them to purchase your products again and again.
Anticipation Find out whether your marketing messages create anticipation or indifference in your customers and prospects.
Embarrassment Discover where the fine line lies between edgy advertising messages that attract attention or "turn off" customers.

Cognitive Insight

Confusion Level Even the most clever and attractive product or marketing campaign is useless if your customers don't understand what you are trying to communicate. Understand how and why confusion is experienced.
Thinking Level It takes significantly more cognitive effort to think from imagination versus recalling something from memory. This invaluable information shows you what customers really think about your products and why they purchase them.
Concentration Level A great product or service provides significant value and is easy to use. With VoicePrism™ knowledge of product usage, you can design your new products and services to be easily used by the greatest number of people right from the onset.