Maximize the Potential of Business Communication

VoicePrism™ helps companies of all sizes and industries make better business decisions. We leverage the most advanced voice technology to measurably improve productivity, profitability and customer relationships - from gaining a rich understanding of customer satisfaction to ensuring positive experiences in call centers to reducing fraud. Utilizing both software and services, we provide our customers with the ability to gain deeper information and insight from verbal communication.

We believe business transactions and interactions can be made more efficient, productive and effective as a result of our solutions.

We believe it is the right of every organization to do everything possible to provide a safe and engaging environment for its customers and employees.

We believe in the vision of a future where key business decisions are made with greater emotional and cognitive insight.

VoicePrism™ engineers products and services specifically tailored to meet the needs of the markets and customers we serve. The core of our applications is a leading-edge voice analysis engine developed in Israel. Our technology is continually evolving, with customers spanning the globe. Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois and growing every day, VoicePrism™ serves clients ranging from fast growing, small companies to global Fortune 500 corporations.

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