Voice Research Analysis

We utilize our expertise in market research and combine it with our patented technology to provide the only measure of research data validity available on the market today while also exposing dimensions of research never before available to create unique custom analysis. Our team combines over 25 years of market research experience and a deep understanding our technology to understand overall marketing strategy and research objectives, and gain rich learnings on data validity and subjects' emotions when discussing products, services, buying decisions, brand loyalty or any other topic. Our analysis can be done real-time during a particular research study or through the use of recorded voice samples. The output includes multi-dimensional insights delivered in an easy to understand report and focused on actionable learnings from the research. There are no new methodologies to learn and you will retain all of the information you are currently getting from existing research methodologies. You will not have to integrate or interact with the technology in any way. Voice Research Analysis custom insights are ideal for analyzing one-on-one interviews, mini-focus groups, or virtually any research involving recorded or live voice.

Providing Validitiy and “Color” You Have Been Missing

Everyone understands that when conducting qualitative research with subjects some of what is said (the data) is valid and some is not. Our technology screens out invalid data using information about the speaker's cognitive activity and emotional content. The erroneous, incorrect or otherwise invalid statements may be due to confusion over the question, embarrassment over the answer, lack of knowledge or other factors. As a researcher, this frees you up to really focus on the valid statements with even greater confidence in the data that "flows through" the screen. In addition, there are voice output measures like "engagement" and "excitement" that provide an element of emotion and intensity that makes it much more robust and actionable.


World-Class Team With a team that has 25+ years of experience in Market Research (10 in department head role) and deep experience with applications using VoicePrism technology, we understand how to provide consumer insights never previously available.
Flexible Application Our services can be applied to any qualitative research study utilizing live or recorded voice.
Instant Results Time is critical in any research project. Research completed on-time and under budget can get the new best product in the market place in record time and defeat the competition before they get out the door. Slow, delayed, or poorly designed research can ruin even the perfect strategy. You will have valuable information in your hands immediately following the completion of the research.
No Need to Interact with the Technology Our team will seamlessly integrate into your study and you will not have to interact with the technology in any way.
Automated Assessments Open ended responses can be captured via traditional recording methods or designed with the convenience of having subjects calling into an automated voice-based telephone system. Consistency of results is exactly the same in either format.
Patented Voice Technology Objectively measure emotions associated with responses to research topics and questions that provide the only measure of data validity and emotional content.
Scalability Administer as many simultaneous surveys 24/7 around the world as you would like. Our solutions can grow quickly and easily along with your organization.
Global Design Assessments work with any language that allows your research subjects from around the world to speak in their native language.