Fraud and Assurance

Our technology can be deployed for a wide range of fraud detection, investigation and verification applications including insurance or other filed claims, credit and financial risk management, wage or service completion verification, background checking, shrinkage reduction, or other general verifications.

A Cost You CAN Control

Did you know that more money is lost every single year on fraud in the United States than the total pay-out of insurance claims for 9/11 losses? The economic conditions are creating a mandate for all companies to reduce costs and you are no longer able to chalk these costs up to "part of doing business" and pass them onto your customers. Fraud reduction, loss prevention and other actions you take to reduce costs without "cutting muscle" are critical to short and long-term-success.

Finding Fraud Like Chasing Butterflies?

Currently companies are left with two undesirable choices 1. endure the high cost of fraud 2. spend a lot of money with investigation to counteract some fraud. Figuring out which claims to go after can be a little bit like chasing an elusive butterfly.

VoicePrism gives you a third option; 3. become laser focused with your investigation to reduce fraud at a low cost and improve the satisfaction of your honest customers. Our tools allow you to go far "upstream" in the process and flag claims that have a higher risk profile. You then can focus your investigation efforts and produce a higher chance of successful identification and resolution. Most importantly, you avoid the cost of the fraudulent claim. VoicePrism reduces the number of butterflies you have to chase AND gives you a bigger net to catch them with.