Employee Retention, Reduction-in-Force & Workplace Stress Tools

In relationships as complex as those between employees and their employers or employees and other employees, it is not always clear what practices are working well and which are not. People want to appear to be positive and a team player even though they may be feeling something different (often for good reasons) than what they display for "cultural / political" reasons. A deep understanding the characteristics of employees that will stay with your organization has profound implications for reducing recruiting, training and turnover costs. In addition, when inevitable cost reduction decisions come up, you will have a complete, objective, three dimensional picture of the factors involved. Our tools allow you to gather more valid and actionable data and get to the true emotions your employees are experiencing. We offer a complete toolkit of options including employee engagement and retention surveys, workplace stress assessments and reduction-in-workforce diagnostics.

“People Are Our Most Valuable Asset”

Virtually every company has made this statement at one point or another and yet most companies do not have the right programs in place to deploy those most valuable assets in the most effective way possible.

In this economy, every department and employee has been stretched and forced to become more productive. Where would your key departments be without the top performers acting as the glue to keep it all together? These also happens to be the folks with the most external options available to them. What are you doing to identify the most cost effective programs to provide what it will take to keep them?

Reduction-in-Force initiatives are a reality for almost all companies. The black-and-white dollars and cents of salaries are clear, but what about the cost of letting someone valuable go and keeping someone who is not engaged or already looking to leave?

The pressures of the current economic environment are immense. Costs spiral out of control when high worker stress leads to mistakes, turnover and lack of productivity. This only increases cost pressures and results in having to take actions that further increase that stress (cutting staff, lower salaries, more work, less employee initiatives, etc.). In order to stop the cost spiral you need to fully understand what the specific factors are that are causing stress so you can act on them.

More Robust Information Enables Programs That Work

How can organizations design programs that really work at making their employees engaged and productive? Existing employee engagement surveys and retention tools do not uncover the full depth and feelings associated with workplace issues. Our solutions are the only ones on the market that measure the emotion and emotional intensity in the voice of current or departing employees. Simply put, the more strongly (positive or negatively) an employee feels about areas that affect their work experience, the more emotion they experience when they respond to specific survey questions. Our technology consistently and objectively measures these changes in emotion and emotional intensity and provides powerful, simple-to-use reports to help you make better decisions. Importantly, our technology calibrates on voice changes within each individual so it does not matter if some people tend to be more nervous or excited than others. It is also works with any language, so your global workforce can respond in their native language.

Since all the topics and question sets are customizable, you can create the exact surveys that fit your organizations needs. Some examples include: retention risk; work responsibilities; compensation; work/life balance; growth opportunities; people issues; policies / procedures; stress in the workplace and any other topics that may be contributing to lower performance or unwanted turnover.


Customizable Questions Ask questions regarding potential areas of low satisfaction such as: work responsibilities; compensation, work/life balance; opportunities; people issues; policies / procedures; and any other topics that may be contributing to a less than positive employee experience.
Instant Results When an organization is faced with crucial personnel decisions on where to cut costs, or experiences low morale or unwanted turnover, it needs solutions in a hurry. The results of all our surveys are available immediately following the interview.
Self-Administered by your employees Save valuable HR time and resources by getting better information, while letting technology and your employees do the work in minutes. Perfect for industries or organizations with high turnover and hard to identify culture challenges..
Automated Assessments Administer surveys onsite in a controlled environment or have the convenience of employees calling-in from any telephone. Consistency of results is exactly the same in either format.
Patented Voice Technology Objectively measure emotions associated with responses to employee engagement topics and questions which provide more accurate and valuable information than ever before.
Scalability Administer as many simultaneous assessments 24/7 around the world as you would like. Our solutions can grow quickly and easily along with your organization.
Global Design Assessments work with any language which allows your applicants from around the world to speak in the language they are most comfortable with.